Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feldstein Joins the Health Voucher Club

Martin Feldstein has just reinvented the health care reform that I have been promoting for many years, in French unfortunately. Read his paper in today’s Washington Post here , and my recent paper published in revue Commentaire, “Comment gagner plus”, on my homepage (, or a translation of it (easy to obtain now with an automatic translator).

Edmund Phelps is also in favor of reducing the payroll tax in order to increase workers compensation, but since he does not explain how to reduce public spending without penalizing lower income families, it is not really a viable option. For a solution to this problem a health voucher is necessary, and coupled with a mandatory purchase, it is economically much more efficient than a publicly supplied, payroll-tax-financed, universal health insurance.

The time for reform apparently is coming.

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