Friday, November 25, 2011

The Religion of an Increasingly Godless America

An interesting post by Amanda Marcotte for Reuters.

“Listening to the national discourse, one could be forgiven to imagining that America is becoming an ever more religious place. The amount of God talk in the public square has dramatically increased in a generation. Prior to the 70s, the concept of “the religious right” had barely existed, but now it’s a powerful lobbying force with multiple groups from Focus on the Family to Concerned Women for America, all sitting on more money than most liberal special interest groups could ever hope to accumulate.”

“If you poll actual Americans, you’ll find that the trend is not towards more religiosity, but towards less. Much less, in fact.”

How come?

“The heightened emphasis on religion in politics is the death throes of the old order.  … It’s only when (Christian) started to feel their power threatened (that) they become defensive, and in doing so, became much louder.” And the Americans are becoming more fond of the separation of church and state.

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