Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of Aid Watch Blog

Authors Laura Freschi and Bill Easterly write:

“The simple reason for ending the blog is that we want to free up our own time for writing longer and more substantive pieces, both academic and non-academic, on development.

The blog is a hungry mouth that always wants to be fed, and the longer projects we’d like to take on don’t fit with those constraints.

… we plan to move away from aid criticism as our main focus, and put more emphasis on the high-stake development debates going on now.  … there’s a lot more to development than aid.”

Something, definitely, is happening in the blogosphere: online newspapers, more and more, are restricting free access to their articles, while many bloggers find the cost of blogging to be much too high in the long run. After an initial phase of heady expansion, maybe this "industry" is now searching for a durable equilibrium. These are not good times for the consumer of immediate information.

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