Wednesday, March 31, 2010

France as a Most Taxed Nation

Greg Mankiw has an excellent post today comparing taxes paid per person in some developed economies. Here are his results for some of the largest developed nations for (Taxes/GDP)/(GDP/Person) = Taxes/Person:

“France.461 x 33,744 = 15,556
Germany.406 x 34,219 = 13,893
UK.390 x 35,165 = 13,714
US.282 x 46,443 = 13,097
Canada.334 x 38,290 = 12,789
Italy.426 x 29,290 = 12,478
Spain.373 x 29,527 = 11,014
Japan.274 x 32,817 = 8,992

The bottom line: The United States is indeed a low-tax country as judged by taxes as a percentage of GDP, but as judged by taxes per person, the United States is in the middle of the pack.”

France however is an undisputed leader, whether judged by taxes per person or by taxes as a percentage of GDP (just behind Nordic countries and Belgium) as shown here .

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