Thursday, December 31, 2009

Africa Can … End Poverty

This is the title of Shanta Devajaran’s blog ( Devajaran is the World Bank Chief Economist for Africa. He writes:

“For the first time in 30 years, Sub-Saharan Africa is growing at the same rate as the developing world (save India and China). For more, see the book “Africa at a turning point?”. If African countries can sustain this growth and make it more widely shared, the dream of a continent free of poverty can become a reality.”

In a recent post, “African Successes” (2009-09-17), he lists 42 striking success stories from which around 20 cases will be selected for in-depth study in order to evaluate the drivers of success, the sustainability of outcome, and the potential for scaling up successful experiences.

In a lighter perspective, the New York Times signals Africa’s renewed visual and artistic influence that is touching film, music and fashion here .

Is a new Afrocentric wind rising?

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